Sub-acute Ambulatory Care Services (SACs)



Sub-acute ambulatory care services are available to people of all ages and may follow a hospital stay,

Hospital day attendance, or may be accessed directly from the community. SACs extends and complements inpatient services. SACs can be delivered in a client’s home or at an ambulatory care centre. The features of SACs are:

•       A flow of care, where therapy in a community setting follows an inpatient hospital stay to assist people in achieving the maximum level of reintegration into their community

•       Individualised, time-limited, goal-centred care that aims to improve health outcomes

•       The ability to reduce inpatient length of stay and prevent admissions and readmissions to inpatient services by providing people with home-based or centre-based therapeutic interventions, which prevent the deterioration of an existing condition and/or improve a client’s functioning and quality of life

•       An interdisciplinary approach in which team members from different disciplines collectively set goals and share resources and responsibilities.

Target population

The aim of SACs are to help people who have a physical disability, are frail, chronically ill or recovering from a traumatic injury or illness, to regain and/or maintain optimal function, and to allow people to maximise their independence and return to or remain in their usual place of residence. Also, SACs aims to help people with newly emerging and chronic disease symptoms or concerns. Ultimately, the aim of these services is to optimise function, independence, activities of daily living and quality of life.

Types of services

SACs rehabilitation services are centre based (group rehabilitation & 1:1 consultation) or home based services, which are provided in accordance with the Victorian Department of Health guidelines and are timely and goal orientated; delivering a holistic and tailored rehabilitation health service.

The SACs group rehabilitation programs (centre-based) are structured exercise and education packages which run for 8 weeks. In this time frame consumers attend two 1hr exercise sessions per week and one or two 1hr education sessions per week (varied for each rehabilitation group). The education topics are customized towards the participants of the program and are facilitated by health professionals of their respective field (e.g. dietician, pharmacist, occupational therapist etc.). The SACs 1:1 services are centre or home based approaches and is specific for those participants whom opt out of the group rehabilitation services.

Rehabilitation services include:

1)      Cardiovascular – heart and circulatory system conditions

2)      Pulmonary – respiratory conditions (i.e. lungs)

3)      Ambulatory – physical limitations & mental illness (e.g. Stroke, Parkinson’s, Spinal/back conditions, depression & anxiety etc.)

4)      Orthopaedic – joint replacement surgeries (i.e. hips & knees)

5)      Oncology – all cancer/s

6)      Falls & Balance – after a fall/s or at high risk of falling

Referral Pathway

All referrals for Sub-acute Ambulatory Care Services are received via the Intake Team

Enquiries regarding this information can be directed to the Intake Team or Health Independence Program Coordinator on (03) 5521 0653

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Monday to Friday 08.30hrs – 17.00hrs

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