Occupational Health & Safety


Portland District Health Occupational Health & Safety Program is responsible for the health and safety of patients, visitors, volunteers, staff and contractors.

It ensures:

  • A strategic focus to Occupational Health & Safety
  • Coordination of WorkCover claims and Return To Work Programs for employees
  • Proactive approach to risk management
  • Proactive approaches to the management of the organisation’s risks, and
  • Compliance with relevant State and National Occupational Health & Safety legislation

Specific services provided include:

  • Prevention of work related injuries and illnesses of PDH employees, contractors, clients, volunteers, students and visitors
  • Provision of effective rehabilitation and support to those whose health has been effected by work related injuries or illness
  • Minimising the severity of injuries, illnesses and the impact on property when accidents occur
  • Ensuring prompt, fair and equitable management and resolution of workers compensation claims
  • Fully integrating health and safety with all other operational responsibilities of PDH
  • Ensuring every person who visits PDH leaves with an understanding that good health and safety practices should be followed in all workplaces

Specific projects being implemented and managed:

  • Development of an Occupational Health & Safety risk assessment and hazard identification system
  • Coordination of Emergency Response Procedures and training throughout the organisation
  • Development of staff wellbeing programs
  • Review and update Occupational Health & Safety policies