Are you overweight and worried about Diabetes? Know someone who is at risk?

Portland District Health has been involved with the Life! Program since it started and the first Portland Life! group was run in early 2008 .

“Three out of five Victorians are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The symptoms may not always be obvious, so it is important to check your risk. The good news is that, once you know, you can do something about it.

Whether it’s family, friends, co-workers or members of groups you are in, telling ten people you know is the best way we can spread the word about checking your risk and taking the first steps to achieving a healthier lifestyle.

If you score 12 or more on the AUSDRISK form (page 2 of the Referral form) you are eligible to attend!

If people learn that they are at high risk, we are here to help.

The program is free for most people, & for further information on the referral pathway please click here.

To become involved in Life! Please contact Portland District Health Intake on:

Ph: 55210653

Fax 55210625