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As the largest local healthcare provider, Portland District Health aims to lead by example when working with the Portland community to tackle health issues such as obesity, alcohol consumption, healthy eating and physical activity. Our Healthy Together Victoria’s Achievement Program has produced Portland District Health’s ‘Employee Health and Wellbeing Policy’ and ‘Healthy Workplace Charter’. The Portland District Health kiosk now displays a menu with healthier options highlighted in green and Health Promotion is involved in delivery of the New Staff Orientation schedule.

We will be asking you for some more information about Portland District Health staff healthy lifestyle habits soon, in the form of a Physical Activity Survey. On the news front, Portland District Health is collaborating with three organisations (Southern Grampians Primary Care Partnerships, Glenelg Shire Council and Dhauwurd-Wurrung Elderly and Community Health Service Inc (DWECH) as well as the community to implement S.E.A. Change Portland. S.E.A. Change stands for sustainable eating and activity change which is a whole-of-community approach to the problem of overweight and obesity.

Some worrying figures and why S.E.A. Change Portland is so important:


  • in the last 30 years, the rate of obesity has increased by 300%
  • in the Glenelg Shire, the rate of overweight and obesity is 59% – that’s 10% above the state average!
  • the reality is that we are all now living in a country and a region where it is easier to be overweight or obese than it is to be healthy.


S.E.A. Change Portland is about working together as a community to create a healthier environment to live, work, learn and play in.

What can Portland District Health staff do?


  • Check out our website or Facebook page and listen to Community Radio 3RPC on Mondays at 1.30pm.
  • Share your stories on one of these mediums, about what you are doing or thinking about doing around healthy eating and physical activity.
  • Encourage your family, friends and community group members to get involved in S.E.A. Change Portland


Remember, it is sustainable change that is the key. S.E.A. Change Portland is about everyone working together to create a healthy environment for Portland people, especially children.

This is what some people have shared already:

“I’ve cut back on unhealthy treats for the grandkids” (grandparent)

“I’m substituting with healthier ingredients when cooking”(parent)

“We will look at healthier options for catering at community events” (community group member)

“I’ve got a new menu with ‘green’ items” (healthier options) (cafe owner)

“We have a Healthy Catering Policy” (community group)

“We have introduced a Healthy Lifestyle and Wellbeing Program at my workplace” (local business)

“We’re going to provide free water at events” (Youth Events Co-ordinator)

How can you help the momentum of S.E.A. Change Portland? Tell your story and help inspire and motivate others!

If you would like further information regarding S.E.A. Change Portland, Click here to visit the website or like us on Facebook at PortlandSEAChange

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