Exercise Physiologist


What is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP)?

Accredited Exercise Physiologists are allied health professionals, providing exercise and lifestyle therapies for the prevention and management of chronic disease, injury and disability. An Accredited Exercise Physiologist specialises in clinical exercise interventions for persons at high-risk of developing, or with existing chronic and complex medical conditions and injuries. These interventions are provided by exercise delivery including health and physical activity education, advice and support, and lifestyle modification with a strong focus on achieving behavioural change. AEP’s are the most qualified health professional to prescribe exercise for people with chronic disease. (Exercise and Sport Science Australia ESSA)

The aims of AEP clinical exercise programs are to prevent or manage chronic disease or injury, and assist in restoring your optimal physical function, health or wellness. (Exercise is Medicine www.exerciseismedicine.org.au)

Office Hours

Monday to Friday 08.00hrs – 16.30hrs

Office location

Henry Mailing House Health Services Centre (H.S.C.)

Contact Details

Phone: (03) 5521 0653

Fax: (03) 5521 0372

Email: glearmont.pdh@swarh.vic.gov.au

Core Business

  • Chronic Disease prevention, management and treatment through health and lifestyle modification, behavioural change and exercise intervention (e.g. diabetes, cardiovascular disease, respiratory dysfunction, obesity, arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, hypertension, mental health conditions, hyperlipidaemia etc.)
  • Rehabilitation through exercise prescription for health conditions in the fields of respiratory, metabolic, neurological, musculoskeletal and cardiopulmonary.
  • Optimising activities of daily living (ADL’s) and functional capacity through exercise education and prescription; ultimately improving quality of life (QOL).
  • Community health and lifestyle promotion, awareness and education to optimise incidental activity, physical activity and exercise levels; ultimately encouraging sustainable lifestyle changes (behavioural change).
  • Individual and group-based exercise interventions for prevention, management and rehabilitation for ‘specific populations’ e.g. diabetics, cardiac, pulmonary, oncology, neurological conditions etc.
  • Sub-acute and long-term rehabilitation of clients post orthopaedic surgery: hip replacements, knee replacements, ligament repair and reconstructions, joint arthroscopy etc.; in cohesion with other Allied Health services such as Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy.

Please contact the Exercise Physiologist Department should you require additional information.


Including and not limited to:

  • Active Health Portland
  • District Nurses
  • Harbourside Lodge
  • Heywood Rural Health
  • Palliative Care
  • Portland Family Practice
  • Seaport Medical
  • Sea View House
  • South West Healthcare
  • Tri-Star medical
  • Western District Health Service
  • Southern Grampians and Glenelg Primary Care Partnership (SGGPCP)
  • Healthy Together Victoria Achievement Program
  • Deakin University
  • Glenelg Shire


All referrals for Exercise Physiology Services are received via the intake team

Telephone: 5521 0653

Fax: 5521 0372