National Diabetes Week 14th – 21st of July

National diabetes week is from 14th—21st of July in 2019. Diabetes is a serious condition that affects the whole body. One Australian develops diabetes every 5 minutes! Diabetes is a broad term of conditions where people are unable to create enough of the hormone ‘insulin’ to keep their blood sugar levels within safe limits. High blood sugar over a long period has serious consequences on your body. Low blood sugars can also be dangerous. For those who already have diabetes we encourage you to come in every three months to see your GP and our chronic disease nurse for a GP management plan to keep your overall health in check.
Type 2 Diabetes can often be prevented if those at risk make changes towards living a healthier lifestyle with good food, regular exercise and weight loss. Answer the questions on the AUSDRISK survey if you’re over 25 to calculate your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

If your score suggests you are at risk or you have any concerns or questions regarding diabetes please book an appointment to discuss it with your GP.
Making lifestyle changes on your own can be really hard. Patients who score above 12 on the Risk Assessment Tool may be able to access the Life! program here in Portland. The Life! program is a group course that helps Australians make changes to prevent type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and stroke. Over 55,000 Australians are already a part of the program, which is completed by a qualified health professional. Our GPs can make a referral to the Life! program if you are eligible and give you a chance to prevent serious disease in your future.
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